Create a life that lights you up.

I help entrepreneurs, healers and writers awaken and realign with the infinite potential of who they are at human, soul and source levels so that they can consciously create a life that lights them up.

Now is the time for soul-led people to remember who they are, step into their power and share their unique frequency with the world.

Are you tired of keeping your magic hidden because of the harsh inner critic and the stress of imposter syndrome?

Are blocks such as shame and fear holding you back?

Are you longing to break free from the patterns that prevent you from taking aligned action?

Are you feeling fired up, about the life you want to live, but limited by an activated nervous system?

I'm here to help you break free and to shine your beautiful light into the world.

I guide you to discover the freedom that comes from resolving the unfinished business you carry inside, awakening and realigning to the beautiful guidance of soul and the field of infinite potential and moving towards what lights you up.

My work empowers you to take charge of your life with ease, eliminating unnecessary hustle and stress so you can live a vibrant life.

I use a unique fusion of my experience as a psychotherapist, intuitive, energy healer, personal and business coach, trauma specialist, author and spiritual guide combined with the experience of overcoming my own struggles and waking up to my true nature of peace, love and happiness.

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